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   The Over and Swavesey Swift Conservation Project 2020    10 February, 2020

The villages of Over and Swavesey are ideally situated when it comes to swifts because of the higher insect populations of the higher density of the many pools and lakes.

The Over and Swavesey Swift Conservation Project 2020 was set up with grant funding through the South Cambridgeshire District Council wildlife enhancement scheme under Daniel Weaver, Ecology Consultancy Officer (01954 713402) with installations undertaken by Dick Newell (01223 860400) from Action for Swifts  http://actionforswifts.blogspot.com/ . https://www.elystandard.co.uk/news/ely-swift-box-creator-john-stimpson-1-6364696

The project aims to retrofit a limited number of local village homes with swift boxes, encountering the many challenging obstacles that are subsequently experienced by all adaption projects. 

We encourage any approved building renovations and new developments to incorporate homes for swifts at the planning/building stage, which is also inexpensive as there are many ready made adaptations that can easily be installed.

This is a good way for developers to meet the directive of The Biodiversity Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) adopted by South Cambs District Council, since 2009, which states that 50% of new dwellings must have bat, bird, or insect boxes incorporated into the fabric of the building. 

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