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   Outcome of the Community Governance Review    12 October, 2017

SCDC’s Civic Affairs Committee has considered the request to move the parish boundary between Over and Willingham, which would move Highgate into Willingham Parish. Brian Burling, who is a member of the Committee, asked to be allowed to speak and vote, but it was eventually decided (half an hour later) that he could speak during the debate but must leave the room for the vote.

Geoff Twiss opposed any change on behalf of Over Parish Council, supported during the debate by Brian Burling, and Phil King spoke in favour of a change on behalf of Willingham PC and Highgate. Pippa Corney spoke as a Local Member and supported the request for a boundary adjustment. Ray Manning, our other Local Member and also a member of the Committee, was not present.

The debate including the three presentations lasted a full hour, at the end of which the Committee voted by a large majority (9 for, 2 against) to recommend to Council that the boundary should be left where it is. They also expressed their desire to get the two Parish Councils together to see if a compromise agreement to this long-running boundary dispute could be reached.

The draft minutes of this item are available here

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