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   There's a chance for someone to become a Parish Councillor    12 April, 2017

There is one vacancy on the Parish Council, which will be filled by co-option at the Parish Council meeting on 9th May.

Candidates will need to be able to receive and study documents that are circulated electronically, and be able to discuss matters with colleagues by e-mail. The Parish Council meets monthly, usually on the second Tuesday in the month, and all Councillors are required to attend.

The post will only last for one year, since the whole Council is up for election in May 2018. This would give someone who is interested in making a positive contribution to the local community a chance to experience the work before standing for a full four-year term at the next election.

We are keen to recruit someone with a good knowledge of social media who could help us set up and maintain a new channel of communication with parishioners. However, this does not prevent people from applying who feel that they could contribute in other ways.

If you are interested in applying, we’d like to hear why you want to be a Parish Councillor and what experience, skills and qualities you could bring to the role.

Application forms can be downloaded from this website or can be obtained from the Clerk (32 West Street, Over CB24 5PL), and must be returned to the Clerk by 6pm on Tuesday 2nd May 2017, either as hard copy to the address above or electronically to overparishclerk@hotmail.co.uk.

To download an application form, click here

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