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   Wings for Life World Run - Sunday 7th May 2017    15 December, 2016

Although the 2016 event passed without troubling the village, and the advertised road closures weren't actually needed, the 2017 race will cause considerable disruption.

The 2017 route has been reversed and shortened, so we will get a lot of runners streaming along our local roads, with a few super-runners even coming round for a second time. The shorter course will reduce the time that eliminated runners are stuck at the roadside in remote locations waiting to be picked up, and will make it more of a 'spectator event'.

The 2016 results list the distance covered by each runner before they were overtaken by the chase car. Applying those figures to the 2017 route it is possible to estimate the numbers we might expect at various points on the route, assuming that there is a similar sized entry of similar runners:

B1050 Longstanton (S) rbt        733 runners left in (Lap 1)            14 runners left in (Lap 2)
Norman Way                               347 runners left in (Lap 1)              8 runners left in (Lap 2)
Willingham cross-road               275 runners left in (Lap 1)              5 runners left in (Lap 2)

Expressing this another way, and looking at sections of local roads:

B1050 Longstanton (S) rbt - Over Rd - Gravel Bridge Rd - Longstanton Rd - Norman Way

        386 runners will be eliminated and need to be collected        (6 on Lap 2)

Norman Way - King Street - Mill Road - Willingham Road - Willingham cross-road

         72 runners will be eliminated and need to be collected         (3 on Lap 2)

That will inevitably lead to significant disruption on the day because the runners won't be bunched up, but will be strung out over a considerable distance by the time they reach us.

If anyone wants to ask questions or raise concerns, they can do so at one of the two residents' meetings - the closest of which is on Thursday 9th February at 6.30pm in Over Town Hall.

To see the new route and the timing of road closures, click here

To read the Organisers' letter for Residents, click here

For further information, visit their website at http://www.wingsforlifeworldrun.com/gb/en/cambridge/info/

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