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   Street lighting works will begin soon    26 August, 2014

The street lighting replacement programme is scheduled to reach Over in September.

Information should already have been delivered to every home, informing residents of the precise nature of the works and explaining the reasons for it. The contractors readily admit that there will be considerable disruption during the works, as we have seen in other local villages, but it's just something to be endured and won't last forever.

The detailed plans for every street in the village will be on display in the Conservatory at Over Community Centre on Thursday 11th September between 4.30pm and 6.30pm. They are also available at the link below so you can see them right away.

There may be some flexibility about the precise position of a replacement column, though it will almost always be within a couple of feet of the column that is being replaced. However the website does say:

"A circle with a cross and the letters "SL" will be marked to indicate the proposed position of each lighting column about a week before the installation. Please note that once the column is installed it is unlikely that its position will be altered."

It really does make sense to study those plans now. You will need to scroll a long way down the page to reach the Over streets, but they are all there.

To see the detailed lighting plans, click here

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