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News  »  No increase in the Parish precept for 2014-15

   No increase in the Parish precept for 2014-15    22 January, 2014

After reviewing all its areas of expenditure, as well as assessing potential costs in maintaining its community assets, such as the Pavilion, children’s play equipment and open spaces, the Council decided that it could absorb the inevitable increases in those costs for the coming year.

The Parish Council does have some money tucked away in reserve funds, but most of that money is already earmarked for certain projects or has restrictions on how it can be spent. The County and District Council budgets are coming under ever greater pressure, and experience shows that the maintenance of things like footpaths, hedges and ditches, which those Councils have previously carried out, is increasingly being left for the Parish Council to do if it is to be done at all.

Over’s parish precept is already one of the lowest in the area, and it is only a very small part (just over 2%) of the overall Council Tax bills. The remaining 98% comes from the County and District Councils and the Police and Fire Authorities.

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